South Beach Peel

Combines Microlaser Peel and IPL Laser Treatment For More Effectiveness

Our South Beach Peel combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with our microlaser peel to improve pigment, redness, texture, and fine lines. It’s a great treatment for all over improvement of the most common skin imperfections. And the South Beach Peel isn’t just limited to the face—it’s a good treatment for the chest and hands, too.

IPL is a great complement to microlaser treatment because it focuses on pigment imperfections that may be below the treatment layers for the peel. So you get smoother skin and a more consistent complexion all in one treatment.

Is A South Beach Peel Right For You?

If you want smoother skin than can be accomplished with a chemical peel or microneedling, plus you need to have more consistent pigmentation in your complexion, then consider a South Beach Peel. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss with you what you’d like to accomplish, and determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Then you can make an informed choice on the best treatment plan for your goals.

What To Expect During A South Beach Peel Treatment

Before the treatment, our staff works with you to customize the treatment to your skin type. A topical anesthetic may be used to minimize discomfort, and eye protection will shield your eyes from bright light. A special laser handpiece is guided over the area to be treated, which uses laser light to remove the skin’s outer layers, bringing fresher, younger-looking skin to the surface. Pulsed light treatments will also be done. A treatment takes about an hour.

For optimum results, we recommend a series of at least three treatments.


After the treatment, you’ll feel and look like you’ve had a sunburn. Your skin will feel tight and dry, and after a couple of days, you’ll notice the top layers peeling off. Most of the redness and tightness is gone after about four days, but your skin may be a little pink for a few days after that (you can use makeup to conceal this).

You’ll be able to notice almost immediately that your skin feels smoother, and as your skin heals, you’ll see diminished lines and more even coloration.

The Next Step

A Free Consultation can help you determine if a South Beach Peel is right for you. We’ll do a skin evaluation, ask questions, and learn what you want to accomplish appearance-wise. Then we’ll help you create a treatment plan that’s customized to you.

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