Vibrant Glo Facial

The Ultimate Cleansing Facial

Our MicroFacial combines treatments to give you an ultimate facial experience. The MicroFacial includes our double cleanse, dermaplaning, and a micro-peel for the ultimate exfoliation. This treatment ends with a hydrating B5 mask infused into the skin with LED red light therapy to reveal a velvety smooth, radiant complexion. You can even add on a Vitamin C booster for the most intense brightening effect.

Is Our MicroFacial Facial Right For You?

If you want a vibrant, more youthful look fast, with no downtime, our MicroFacial delivers a lot. Use our Free Consultation to see if it’s the right choice for you.

What Should I Expect With A MicroFacial Treatment?

The MicroFacial treatment is quick—less than an hour—and you can even schedule it at lunch or right after work. We begin with a two step deep cleanse, then dermaplaning to smooth the skin. For an extra step, we add a micropeel plus LED light and a B-vitamin mask. You finish feeling and looking great, with no downtime.


You’ll see more radiant, smoother skin immediately, and you’ll feel more energetic and more confident.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Our Free Consultation is the best way to learn about our MicroFacial treatment. We’ll explain the benefits of each step in detail, and help you determine if it’s the best treatment for you.

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