Eyelash Extensions Louisville

Eyelash Extensions Louisville

Have you ever considered changing something on your body or face to feel more comfortable in the skin you are in? Have you ever considered making your body or face feel a little more like the real you? Look no further than VibrantMed for all your beauty and cosmetic goals. Here at VibrantMed, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service when delivering treatments that are sure to have you seeing results in no time. Our friendly and knowledgable team are on the other end of the line for any questions or queries you may have, whether it be about our products, services or even about how to build the courage to take the first step! Give us a call on (502) 618-0995 to speak to our friendly staff today.


We offer an array of treatments for you and your needs to ensure you are feeling comfortable in the skin you are in. Our experts in eyelash extensions tailor your requirements and will ensure the treatment and results are right for you.


Here at VibrantMed, we specialise in eyelash extensions and microblading. Many of our clients visit our clinic for new eyelash extensions for either a formal or social gathering. We also have a pool of repeat clients that we treat for eyelash extensions which involves the infill and maintenance of these. Our products are top of the range and we are here to  ensure you get the results from the treatment we offer. The services for our eyelash extension treatments are viewable on our website under the ‘Pricing Guide’ tab. Here you will find treatments that will cater to your needs and the prices of these treatments.


Our eyelash extension service is very popular with females who are looking for bolder and bigger eyelashes. This can be in everyday life or for an event they are attending. Whichever it be, let our professional team ta VibrantMed help you today.


We enjoy maintaining healthy relationships with our clients which is what sees them coming back time and time again. Our clients are our business. We value them and their input to our daily role. If you are wondering what they have to say about our team here at VibrantMed and the products and services we offer, you can scroll down our home page on our website and read some testimonials from our valued clients. Many of our current clients have exceptional stories about the confidence and thrill of their eyelash extension treatments which is why we enjoy providing the service to individuals.


If you did want to see what our work looks like from the salon, you can follow our social media profiles and posts. You can find a link to our Facebook and Instagram pages at the bottom of our website. Here you’ll see some before and after photos of current and previous clients that are loving their new eyelash extensions and are great inspiration for the rest of us.


We would love to hear your questions and feedback and can’t wait to help you get on the right track to becoming more comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Eyelash Extensions Louisville
Vibrant Med
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